The First Domino ...

People say that no matter what you say you are in to, you can tell what a person is truly about by looking at two things: Their Calendar and Their Bank Statement. Despite our best intentions or desires for who we want to be, who we currently are comes down to where you spend your time and where you spend your money. 

If you took at look at my big expenses for 2015 you'd see a the usual things: Going out to eat, fun family stuff, rent, cars, all of the usual costs but there would be huge chunk that stands out. Let's call it "Amanda's Ideas". This bucket of money consists of books (lots and lots of books), branding services, website domain names, office space, whiteboards, personal development and coaching, etc... you get it.  

The same would be said of my calendar. It's filled with networking opportunities, parties, coffee dates, happy hour meetings, development courses, and volunteer commitments.  And that is all great. All of it supports growth and progress which is super important to me. But.... I ask myself after putting all of this time, talent, and treasure into the bucket, what was the point? Am I any closer to today to where I want to be than when I started?  

The beginning of each new year is always kind of a weird time for me. It's a measurable point in time that gives perspective. Some things I feel really good about. My relationship with my husband has strengthened. My understanding of what it is to be a parent is more clear. I have met some amazing new people and developed existing relationships into friends  that I hope to know for the rest of my life. But something is missing for me....and I know what it is. 

The time has come to stop planning and start doing.  This  blog post is that step.

Over the years to come I hope you will join us on an incredible journey of discovering what it is to translate dreams into reality. We will share our stories and the stories of our fellow life travelers in the hopes that you will find the spark you need to knock down that first domino for yourself. It's going to be an adventure for all of us. Thank you for coming along.